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Preface this with:  I LOVE Belgian beers.

I was lucky enough to tour around Belgium in 2000 and what more can you say about a country that serves waffles and beer in the afternoon??

This beer was a lovely ruby colour with a great head.  Lots of notes of caramel and musky notes.  Sweet start with a bite of sour.  Very drinkable at such a high ABV!

Bornem Dubbel 7% ABV, 330ml

Bornem Dubbel


A lovely reddish-brown beer with a nice roast and toasty malt backbone with a tinge of caramel sweetness brewed by Toronto’s own Amsterdam Brewery.

Wee Heavy

I am going to do something a little different in 2012.  Since I have not been able to write much over the last year I am going to post more, but in fewer words.  If you have any questions about the beers ask in the comments.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, this is a great yeasty, malty, tasty, slow sipper!

Breakfast Time!

Love the shape of this bottle.  I understand the finacial aspects of having a unique bottle design, but I wish more Craft Brewers did it.

About the Beer – It poured a dark reddish-brown colour with a quickly receding head.  The aroma was of roasted coffee, wood, and chocolate.  The flavour was of roasted coffee to start, a bit bitter in the middle, and a lovely caramel finish.  Lots of espresso in the aftertaste.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, this would go great with bacon, eggs, and hasbrowns at breakfast.

I love the smell of peaty Scotch or Beer but I can never seem to get through more than a few sips!

The first few sips of a beer that has a smokey or peaty tone I find really enjoyable.  It is after a few sips that I start to feel overwhelmed by it though….smoked beers are for sharing in my opinon.

About the Beer – It poured black as the night up North.  The aroma was peaty like Scotch with a distinct sweetness.  The flavour was very smokey (roasted) with a molasses sweetness.  Very warming.

Would I Drink it Again? – Probably not unless I shared a small taster with someone.  This is a great beer for fans of the smoke though!

I keep going back to Bock only to realize it is not my thing!

…..Do I not like Bock beer or have I just never had a good one???

About the Beer – It poured a reddish-brown colour, very hazy, with a small head.  The aroma was malty with big hits of molasses, raison, and dates.  The flavour was of dark fruits and alcohol.  Very warming.

Would I Drink it Again? – No, like I mentioned earlier is not my thing.

Nothing like having a stout in the hot weather.  Most people say no way but I say what does it matter!



No review as it is too hot to write one but I have 3 words of advice: Go get it!


Well…..go get it this fall when hopefully they release it again!

P.S. I drank this in the Winter not today but, I am a proponent of having a stout on a lovely summer evening.  In fact I had one last night!

Love the combo of Oyster’s and Stout

Oysters and Stout have always been a good pairing.  Apparently it originated in the 18th century when British taverns would routinely serve Stout with a plate of Oysters.  I am sure you are wondering if they ever added Oysters right into the Stout…..they did around the time of WWII to add nourishment, but it was first reported to be done around 1928 in New Zealand.  Marston’s is not made with any Oysters.

About the Beer – It poured black with a mocha coloured head.  The aroma was of cocoa and some roasted notes.  The taste was sweet yet fresh.  Can you call a Stout refreshing?  There was also notes of chocolate.  Very light mouth feel

Would I Drink it Again?  – It would not be my first choice for a Stout but it is not bad.

Everyone loves Gnomes right???

I was totally shocked when I walked by this one in the LCBO since I had no idea it was coming.  Stupid me only bought one though!

About the Beer – It poured a cloudy honey colour with a nice head.  The aroma on this beer was not very big.  A bit of spice, fruit and grass.  The flavor was really nice with hits of nutmeg, coriander, pepper, fruit, sweetness, and a tinge of herbal-ness (is that even a word?).  Very smooth tasting beer.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, this was a great Belgian Pale.  Now if only I had purchased a few more!

Crème Brûlée beerDessert anyone?

I love this brewery as they come up with all sorts of great ideas for beer.  Especially ones that are designed after my favorite dessert!

About the Beer – It poured black as midnight with a great mocha coloured head.  The aroma was of custard/vanilla, caramel and a touch of rum.  Yep….smelled like Crème Brûlée.  The flavour was much the same.  Lots of vanilla, caramel, and coffee.  It had a very creamy mouth feel, reminiscent of Ice Cream.  You could also pick out hits of booze in the aftertaste, specifically rum.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, it makes for a great dessert beer.  I  highly recommend sharing this one as it has a huge flavour and would be tough to get through a whole bottle by yourself!

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