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I love the smell of peaty Scotch or Beer but I can never seem to get through more than a few sips!

The first few sips of a beer that has a smokey or peaty tone I find really enjoyable.  It is after a few sips that I start to feel overwhelmed by it though….smoked beers are for sharing in my opinon.

About the Beer – It poured black as the night up North.  The aroma was peaty like Scotch with a distinct sweetness.  The flavour was very smokey (roasted) with a molasses sweetness.  Very warming.

Would I Drink it Again? – Probably not unless I shared a small taster with someone.  This is a great beer for fans of the smoke though!


Nothing like having a stout in the hot weather.  Most people say no way but I say what does it matter!



No review as it is too hot to write one but I have 3 words of advice: Go get it!


Well…..go get it this fall when hopefully they release it again!

P.S. I drank this in the Winter not today but, I am a proponent of having a stout on a lovely summer evening.  In fact I had one last night!

Picked some of this up today at the Amsterdam Brewery.

I first tried this beer during the Amsterdam Tap Take-Over at Castro’s Lounge then at Barvolo.  I was happy to hear they were going to bottle it.  I believe they only bottled 400 so grab some while you can.  They come in a cool wax dipped bottle.

About the Beer – It poured a lovely black colour with a nice mocha head.  The aroma was of roasted cocoa, rye, and maybe a hint of licorice.  The flavour was nice and complex.  It started with a nice shot of sweetness that was quickly followed by a hit of coffee.  The middle was full of cocoa, roast, and a touch of herbal notes.  The finish had a bitter tinge of espresso.  The beer was super velvety in the mouth.Wax Dipped

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, this is a very nice beer.  Glad I have 9 more!

Crème Brûlée beerDessert anyone?

I love this brewery as they come up with all sorts of great ideas for beer.  Especially ones that are designed after my favorite dessert!

About the Beer – It poured black as midnight with a great mocha coloured head.  The aroma was of custard/vanilla, caramel and a touch of rum.  Yep….smelled like Crème Brûlée.  The flavour was much the same.  Lots of vanilla, caramel, and coffee.  It had a very creamy mouth feel, reminiscent of Ice Cream.  You could also pick out hits of booze in the aftertaste, specifically rum.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, it makes for a great dessert beer.  I  highly recommend sharing this one as it has a huge flavour and would be tough to get through a whole bottle by yourself!

Just back from Cali but reviewing a beer from the other coast!

I was excited to see this beer back at the LCBO this winter.  We seem to be doing pretty good at getting Brooklyn Breweries beers in the LCBO this year.

About the Beer – It poured ink black with a decent head.  The aroma was very roasted with hits of chocolate and coffee.  Just about what I would have expected.  The flavour is BIG.  Lots of coffee and bitter chocolate followed by a pretty big hit of alcohol.  It was well carbonated.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, I had quite a few last winter!

P.S. It tasted surprisingly good with a peppercorn steak.

Nothing like a good anniversary beer!

Gotta love an Imperial Stout.  Always so rich and flavourful!

About the Beer – It poured black with no head.  The aroma was of milk chocolate, roasted malt, and wet tobacco.  The flavour was also of milk chocolate mixed with caramel.  There is a light hit of alcohol in the aftertaste.  This was a very smooth and creamy beer which is interesting because most RateBeer’ers disagree!

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, I quite enjoyed it.  The smoothness reminded me of a Milk Stout or Oatmeal Stout. Thanks Chris!


Jumping forward again on request!

While out at Volo I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of the Lazarus Breakfast Stout from Jordan.  I did not have the opportunity to get out to Project X when it was being launched so it was a great surprise that Jordan saved one for me.  Thanks dude!

We were having some Quesadillas for dinner which I make an Ancho Chili red sauce to accompany them.  Since Lazarus was also made with some Ancho Chilies I thought it would make for a good pairing.  And it did!  I also promised Jordan to give my honest feedback so here goes!

About the Beer – It poured a lovely black colour with a great mocha coloured head.  The aroma was of coffee bean, roasted nuts, and chocolate.  My wife said it reminded her of the cottage??  The flavour was great, lots of coffee right up front with a nutty-cocoa flavour throughout and an espresso hit at the end.  You could barely pick out the Ancho Chili used but maybe that was because there was Ancho Chilies in my meal?  The texture was one of the first thing I noticed about the beer though.  Very smooth and creamy, just what I look for in a Stout.  I think I really like Breakfast Stout!

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes,  I thought it was a very tasty beer.  If it was produced again I would definitely buy some.  Would make a great Seasonal brew.  My only suggestion would be to kick up the Ancho Chili just a tad more!

A good bottle to share.

We had our friends Tom and Chris over for supper.  Tom is pretty adventurous with his beers so I thought it would be a good time to pull out the bottle of STBC Imperial Stout that I had been saving!  It is a big beer with a lot of alcohol which makes it perfect for sharing.  For reviews of other Southern Tier Beers follow the links:



About the Beer – It poured a super dark colour with very little head (gentle pour).  The aroma was outstanding with chocolate, vanilla, and maybe some almond???  The flavour was exquisite.  Big chocolate hits the palate mixed with some nice bitterness.  I also tasted a bit of pine and a touch of alcohol.  This was one very smooth beer!

Would I Drink it Again? – No doubt about it.  This is a fantastic beer!

Have you ever had a Milk Stout?

I had the pleasure of getting over to the Rhino with my neighbour Peter for an event by HMH Negotiants.  HMH put on a meet the brewers of Charlevoix night.  There were 4 different Charlevoix beer to be had.  The Dominus Vobiscum Reserva Hibernus, Dominus Vobiscum Reserva Lupulus, La Vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout, and Dominus Vobiscum Tripel.  I chose to sample 3 of the 4.  I have the Lupulus in my cellar so I gave that one a pass although it seemed to be everyones favourite.  It was a fun night but not a great turn-out which was ok because it gave me lots of time to speak to one of the brewers(forgot his name already!!).  My favourite line of the night was when the brewer was talking about his Milk Stout “It is my baby” he says.

Funny story about Charlevoix.  I went snowboarding in 2003 with my buddies Paul and Eric at Le Massif in Quebec which is near this little town called Baie-Saint-Paul.  We stopped at a brewpub in Baie-Saint-Paul called Restaurant-Microbrasserie Le Saint-Pub.  This is where Charlevoix got started before they moved their production to a bigger facility.  I had no idea that I had already had Charlevoix beer!

About the Beer – It poured very black.  Not much of a head but the person pouring was very delicate with it.  Tons of lacing in the glass.  The aroma was of chocolate, dark fruit, slightly roasted malt, and a bit of bread.  The flavour was fantastic.  Chocolate, roasted nuts, malt, bread, caramel, and a bit of smoke pummel the senses.  It is sweet but not too sweet and very, very smooth.

Would I Drink it Again? – For sure!  This is a great, great beer!

EDIT:  Thanks to Greg’s blog over at Taste T.O. I can remember the brewers name.  Frederick Tremblay.  Greg also has a great write up on all the beers!

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You have to love the Quebec brewers sense of humor.

While in Ottawa I had a chance to make a run to Quebec and pick up some beers at a depanneur (that’s Quebec’s version of a variety store – how civilized). The first one I was really looking forward to was Péché Mortel which translated means Mortal Sin!  With the richness and complexity of this beer the name seems quite fitting!

I had a great time selecting beers in Quebec.  I have around 40 new beers for the cellar!!

About the Beer – It pours black.  No light getting through this beer!  Not much of a head but a nice mocha coloured ring around the glass.  The aroma was of bitter chocolate and coffee beans.  The flavour was outstanding.  It starts out with a tiny bit of sweetness then the bitter chocolate and coffee hits you.  The finish is earthy bitterness.  The coffee and bitterness last on the palate for a long time.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, it is a fantastic beer.  I am glad I have 5 more!

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