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Christmas ale?  What!  Follow the link and find out.


Quebec Beer

I go away for 2 weeks and this is what happens.  Sheesh!

Duggan’s Brewpub Closes

I am a sucker for a mixed Belgian 6 pack!

Like I said, I am a sucker for a Belgian holiday mixed pack.  Every year around Christmas the LCBO has this pack or a similar one and I seem to pick it up every time.  Sometimes there is a slight variation to the beers but I believe that this pack was exactly the same last year.

About the Beer – I did not review this one.  My general impression was that this was a nice beer but a bit weak for what I was looking for.  It does get some good review’s on BA though.

Would I Drink it Again? – Since I seem to grab this special release pack every year I would have to say yes!

I popped out to the Food and Wine Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre last night and was pleased to see that they are really upping the amount of breweries featured at the event.  From my count there were 15 breweries featured.  More if you count the importers like McClelland who brought in quite a few beers.

  • Big Rock BrewerySam Adams Winter Lager
  • Creemore Springs
  • McAuslan Brewing
  • Nickel Brook Beer
  • Cracked Canoe
  • Rickard’s
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Innis & Gunn
  • Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company
  • Railway City Brewery
  • McClelland Premium Imports(Erdinger, Fruili, Steigel..etc)
  • Coopers Beer
  • Molson/Coors
  • Sam Adams
  • Weihenstephan

It was a perfectly matched evening for my wife and I.  She had wine, I had beer and we both enjoyed some great food like Lobster, Oysters, Bison, BBQ, and Crêpes.  I even had a little Japanese Single Malt Whiskey!  The Expo is on all weekend and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I have one suggestion for the breweries though.  Bring some of your seasonal beers.  Only a couple seasonals were featured.  I really enjoyed the Sam Adams Winter Lager!

I got an interesting email a few weeks back from Jordan a fellow beer blogger.

Real Men

The guys doing the real work! Jordan, Chris, and Andrew

If you have not read any of his stuff you should check it out here: St. John’s Wort, he is a great writer.  Anyway Jordan somehow got to talking with the Southern Ontario Brewers (SOB’s) about having a group of local bloggers come down to the Learn 2 Brew day held at the Amsterdam brewery and brew some beer (since we are so quick to rate it why not make it).  With out thinking twice Jordan accepted their challenge.  Little did he know that of the bloggers he contacted and that accepted the challenge would be me and Chris from the Toronto Beer Blog.  Both of us have little to no brewing experience….Joke was on him apparently, but Jordan is smarter than the average bear and hooked us up with a ringer (and fellow blogger) Andrew!  Andrew just happens to work at the Amsterdam Brewery and is also in the inaugural year of the brewmaster program at Niagara College.

I am not sure what I expected when I volunteered for this since my brewing experience was all theoretical and not practical but I have wanted to brew beer for quite a while now and this seemed like a good way to get my feet wet.  I am sure Andrew is still thinking about “that guy” who could not stop asking questions!

I can’t say enough about the Amsterdam brewery and their generosity of loaning out the brewery to a bunch of amateur brewers to use for the day.  It was very cool!

Christmas Ale Anyone?

I was surprised by the amount of brewers there but also the amount of people walking through and asking questions.  All in all I had a great time, learned a ton and had a few laughs.  What more could you ask for?  I am not going to write about the beer brewed or brew day itself since Jordan has and Chris likely will have better posts on it!

This is another foray into the pre-mixed Black & Tan’s.

I have not been a big fan of the pre-mixed Black & Tan’s but since I have liked every other Hockley beer so far I thought I would give this one a try.  I am glad I did.

About the Beer – It pours a deep reddish brown colour with a big head.  The aroma was of roasted coffee bean and nuts.  The flavour was malty chocolate sweetness mixed with coffee.  Absolutely no bitter.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, it was definitely more on the Black (Stout) side than the Tan side, which I really liked.  Very drinkable at a great price!

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I have tasted it but I have a wicked cold.  I will write about it tomorrow.

I have changed the look of my blog and cleaned it up a bit.  As well the header picture is now one I took myself.  What do you think?

No time to post today.  I will give you an update on today’s beer tomorrow.  Here is a hint.  It’s an IPA from Ontario, and it is GOOD!

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