Toronto Beer Week 2012 is almost here and I am happy to be part of Barrel Bragging Rights at The Monks Table.  I won’t go and explain what Barrel Bragging Rights is all about because Mike Warner and Josh Rubin have already done it for me here and here!

Barrel Bragging Rights

Can you smell those hops?

This year I was lucky enough to work with Erica Graholm from Steamwhistle on our beer.  Unlike my some of my peers I am not going to give away any secrets as to what our beer is, you will have to just show up and try it!  Erica has a write-up on the Steamwhistle page here about the inspiration for the beer though.

Shout out to Iain McOustra for allowing us to use the pilot system at Amsterdam Brewery!

You can always check out the events page on for more information.