Love the combo of Oyster’s and Stout

Oysters and Stout have always been a good pairing.  Apparently it originated in the 18th century when British taverns would routinely serve Stout with a plate of Oysters.  I am sure you are wondering if they ever added Oysters right into the Stout…..they did around the time of WWII to add nourishment, but it was first reported to be done around 1928 in New Zealand.  Marston’s is not made with any Oysters.

About the Beer – It poured black with a mocha coloured head.  The aroma was of cocoa and some roasted notes.  The taste was sweet yet fresh.  Can you call a Stout refreshing?  There was also notes of chocolate.  Very light mouth feel

Would I Drink it Again?  – It would not be my first choice for a Stout but it is not bad.