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Licensed Abbey Ale!

I picked up a seasonal holiday pack of Maredsous that came with a glass.  If  I remember correctly it was quite reasonably priced.  The pack came with 3 Maredsous Abbey Ales.  Maredsous 6 Blonde, Maredsous 8 Brune, and  Maredsous 10 Tripel.

About the Beer – It poured a light gold colour with a great head.  The nose had hits of spice, coriander, citrus, and honey.  This beer was insanely drinkable.  All the best things that I like from a Belgian Pale Ale.  Honey, apricot, peach, banana, pepper, hops, and  a creamy smooth textutre.

Would I Drink it Again? – In a heartbeat.  I just wish I had bought more!


The label makes me feel like yodeling!

Last beer from the Holiday 3 pack offered by the LCBO.  For the other 2 reviews follow the links:

About the Beer – I took no notes so all I really remember was that it was pale yellow with grassy and earth notes mixed with a tiny bit of citrus.  Very Crisp.

Would I Drink it Again? – No, it is a clean crisp beer but it is just not my style!  I do love Der HirschBrau’s crazy labels though!

Has craft beer been around long enough to have a classic?

I picked this up from the mixed basket at the LCBO.  You know the one.  It has all lonely and lost beers in it for $2 bucks a piece.

About the Beer – It poured a lovely orangish colour with a great head.  The aroma was sweet with hints of caramel and flowers.  The flavour is very clean with sweetness up front and some hoppy bitterness and grains in the finish.

Would I Drink it Again? – Sure, this is one easy drinking beer.

Shameless plug!

Just a reminder that the Cask Social is tomorrow at the BurgerBar from 3pm to 6pm.

Here is the beer line-up!

  • Augusta IPA
  • Beau’s Bogfather
  • Cheshire Valley Robust Porter

Burger bar is in Kensington Market at 319 Augusta Ave.

Get out and have some “Real Ale”.  I will see you there!

For more info check out the Cask Social Website: LINK


The last of the pumpkin beers that were being offered this season at the LCBO!

I saved this one for last as I am a fan of Brooklyn’s brews.

Overall I would say it was good year (2010) for Pumpkin beers at the LCBO.  To check out my other Pumpkin beer reviews follow the links:





  • Which one had the biggest Pumpkin Pie taste? Pumpking!
  • Which one was my favourite?  St-Ambroise Citrouille!

About the Beer – It poured a lovely marmalade colour with an ok head.  The aroma was of ginger, nutmeg, pumpkin, and a bit of caramel.  The flavour was very spicy but not as malty as I would have liked.  Bitter finish.

Would I Drink it Again? – Probably not since there were so many other Pumpkin beers this year to chose from that I like better, AND made in Canada!

A very pleasant surprise.

I was very hesitant picking up this beer since I was not pleased with my last experience with a Black Creek Beer.  Also I heard this was bottled at Trafalgar and you all know what I think about that!  But this beer was a great big surprise.  Very drinkable and enjoyable.  The BA’ers don’t agree which is just fine by me!

About the Beer – It poured a deep brown colour with a thick mocha head.  The aroma was of caramel, cocoa, coffee, and some roasted notes.  The flavour is the same as the nose except for a slightly bitter finish.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, I truly enjoyed this one.  Great packaging as well!

I always think about chopping trees down while I am drinking a beer……

I picked up this beer in a seasonal 3pack of other Der HirschBrau beers.  I have already had the Doppelbock but not the other 2.  When you are trying to drink 365 different beers while living under the LCBO monopoly you can’t turn these seasonal specialty packs down!

About the Beer – It poured a nice ruby colour with a quickly receding head.  The aroma was of sweet malt, grass, and a slight sour note.  The flavour was malty yet still light on the palate.  Mostly you pick up toasted malts and very little bitterness.

Would I Drink it Again? – No, I like a little more body to my Dunkel’s but since I received another 3 pack for Christmas I will give it another go and see if anything changes!

What Halloween?

Yep…. this is what I had on Halloween and I am just getting around to writing about it now.  Hope my notes were good!

About the Beer – It poured a ruby colour with an OK head.  The aroma was very malty with lots of dark fruit (that was a surprise) and toasted grains.  The flavour was of dark fruit, some toffee, and an earthy hops finish.

Would I Drink it Again? – Maybe on Halloween.  It was an average beer.

Only a couple of months behind!

No review or picture today.  When I had this one I was not in the mood to do anything but enjoy a beer!

Scotch Whiskey Barrel aged beer….

Apparently this beer was aged in 21 year old Highland Scotch Whiskey barrels for 49 days.  There is no indication on which distillery the barrels are from but it does say they are “rare”.

I must preface this review with the warning that I am not a huge fan of Innis & Gunn’s barrel aged beers…

About the Beer – It poured a deep auburn colour with a nice head.  The aroma was of whiskey, vanilla, some caramel, and a bit of oak.  The flavour pretty much follows the nose.  Lot’s of vanilla and caramel with a bit of butterscotch.  Oak and whiskey hit you at the end.  It was very sweet and oily.

Would I Drink it Again? – No, too sweet for me.  This is my favourite of the Innis & Gunn’s I have tried so far but just not my thing.

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