Wild Oats Series from Beau’s.

Beau’s have this great idea called Wild Oats Series.  It is essentially beers that push the boundaries of flavor and accepted styles.  With Festivale Plus they have re-created a German Alt beer tradition of creating a secret beer (Sticke in German slang) that is released with only one days notice, with the goal of selling it out that day.  The beer was available at the brewery and other selected establishments around Ontario.  Very cool idea guys and keep pushing the envelope on brewing.

About the Beer – It poured a very hazy brown colour with not much head by the time I received it from the bartender.  The aroma was very malty, caramel and bread being the most prominent with a hint of grass as well.  The flavor was earthy and bready with nice sweetness mixed with some good bitter.  There was also a touch of oak.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, but it was only a one day event so if they brew it again next year I will be there!