Chris from the and I got together to try a few special beers.  I decided to review all three instead of only one today!

This was the first beer Chris and I dipped into.  I finagled a bottle of Lupulus by chatting up the beer guy at Marché Omni.  Once we got talking he asked if I wanted something special.  I said, you bet!  He went into the back and brought it out!

About the Beer – It poured a pale golden colour with a tiny bit of haze.  Fantastic head.  Very foamy.  The aroma was of green apple, yeast, sweetness, and the woods.  The taste was very unique, I loved it.  A sweet malt start mixed in with something candied (Chris said bubblegum).  This was followed by some nice hops, possibly citrus as well as a bit of spice.

Would I Drink it Again? – In a heartbeat, fantastic beer!  My favourite from Charlevoix so far! (Well maybe tied with the Milk Stout!)

On to the next beer one!

Next in line was a beer I have been waiting to try.  Chimay Blue.  I was told this would be my favourite of the Chimay’s.  Well they were right.  Great beer!

About the Beer – It poured a very cloudy brownish red.  Not much of a head.  The aroma was of plum, raisan, slight sweetness, and a bit of alcohol.  The taste was very complex.  Lots of sweet malt which was followed by plum mixed with some spices I could not name.  There is also that famous Belgian yeast flavour that comes out as it warmed up.  There was even a tiny bit of bitterness!  (I wrote down lively beer!)

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, and yes, followed by YES!

Last but by no means least.

One final beer of the night (well not really but I stopped reviewing after this one!).

About the Beer – It poured a very cloudy brown colour with tons of yeast particles floating about.  There was a thick mocha coloured head.  The aroma was of port and plums with a slight mustiness, maybe even vanilla???  The taste was just as complex as the Chimay.  Lots of plum, burnt sugar, molasses, alcohol, and a pepper finish.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yep, it moved near the top of my favourites list!

Check out what Chris thought about the beers at his Blog:

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