Champion Ale for the loser!

So normally the victor gets the spoils but after getting beat up on the golf course by my Dad all weekend, I came home to a nice cold Fuller’s ESB Champion Ale.  So even if I was the loser on the golf course I still came out on top!

Fuller’s ESB is called Champion Ale since it has been rated Britain’s best ESB as well as Worlds Best!

About the  Beer – It pours a nice burnt sugar colour as my Mom put it.  I have to agree.  It also had a nice thick head.  The aroma was of sweet malt and a slight bit of floral hops.  The taste was nice and smooth but not as bitter as I would have expected.  Maybe I am just getting too used to these extremely hoppy North American Ales.  The beer does finish with some earthy hops though.

Would I Drink It Again? – Yes, nice British style ESB.

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