Nut Brown Ale was my first foray into craft brewing.

When I first started having craft beer, Nut Brown Ales were the ones I gravitated to.  They have lots of malt backbone and a little bit of sweetness.  As I progressed I started to move more towards the bitter beers.  Sam Smith’s Nut Brown is a great mix.  It has a tiny bit of bitter and not very much sweetness.  I think it is one of the best Nut Brown Ales around!

About the Beer – I did not get a chance to pour it but you could still really pick up the aromas from the bottle.  It has a very toasted nut malt hit with hints of some hops.  The taste was of caramel and nut with a bit of spiced bitter hops at the end.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes,  Fantastic beer.  Not as sweet as other Nut Brown Ales.  Which I like!

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