Do you know what Schwarzbier is?

The sky must truly be falling, I have now had two lagers in a row that I really liked!  If nothing else this blog has really opened my eyes to the variety of lagers out there.  I pretty much thought all lagers were the same, generic pale and mild tasting!  Who would have known!

What is a Schwarzbier “Black Lager”?  Well it is a lager that is very dark almost black in colour that shares some of the same characteristics as a Stout or Porter.  For example Black Lager has flavours of chocolate and coffee as well as some bitters.  Usually a Black Lagers  flavours are more muted or tame than in a Stout or Porter.  Black Lager closely resembles the way beers used to be brewed before the lighter coloured malts of today.

About the Beer – It poured a very dark almost black colour with a huge mocha head that lasted quite a while.  The aroma of this beer was roasted malt, chocolate, coffee, and a tiny bit of smoke.  The flavour was very similar to the nose.  It started with a big hit of coffee quickly followed by chocolate and roasted malt.  It had a nice bitter end, almost like the bitterness from the aftertaste of an espresso.

Would I Drink it Again? – Absolutely, very solid beer.  Chalk up another winner for Quebec brewers!

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