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Can there really be something healthy in beer?

Brew – Pumphouse Blueberry AlePumphouse Blueberry Ale 5% ABV, 341ml

BrewerPumphouse Brewery

StyleFruit Beer

Country – New Brunswick, Canada

Purchased – Given to me by my buddy Paul but it can be purchased at the LCBO

I often wonder if the antioxidant power of such foods as Blueberries can be retained during the brewing process???

About the Beer – It pours a clear golden colour with a nice thick head.  The aroma was of blueberries and a distinct sweetness.  The taste was of sweet malt to start then you get the hit of blueberries and a tiny bit of hops.  The blueberries are not overpowering, this definitely has a beer taste!

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, it was very nice after dinner out on the patio!


Do you know what “Beer on Lees” means?

Brew – Cap Espoir 5% ABV, 341mlCap Espoir

BrewerBrasseurs RJ

StyleBelgian Pale Ale

Country – Quebec, Canada

Purchased – Brought by a co-worker from Montreal

Have you ever wondered what “Beer on Lees” or “Biere Sur Lie” means on the side of many Quebec beers?  It is the process of doing a secondary fermentation in the bottle of the beer.  Many beers are only fermented once in the fermentation tank then the yeast is filtered out before bottling.  When you leave the yeast in the beer and it goes into the bottle a secondary fermentation takes place adding complexity and increases the alcohol content of the beer.  “Lees” refers to the deposit of dead yeast that collect at the bottom of the bottle.

About the Beer – It pours a nice foggy orange/apricot colour.  The head was really nice.  The aromas of this beer were really great.  There was banana, coriander, raisan and a slight bit of butterscotch.  The taste was also great.  You picked up a bit of sweetness right at the start but it quickly transitioned into orange citrus.  The finish was spicy with coriander and pepper.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yep, another fine Quebec brew.

Did you make it to the C’est What? festival of craft breweries?

Brew – Pioneer Dandelion Stout (cask)5.5% ABV, 3ozPioneer Dandelion Stout

BrewerBlack Creek Brewery


Country – Ontario, Canada

PurchasedC’est What?

I had the pleasure of getting out to the C’est What? 6th annual festival of craft breweries last night with my buddies Paul and Simon.  We also met up with Chris from the Toronto Beer Blog and his friend Andrew.  I tried a lot of good beers and a couple bad ones.  It was a great time.  If you get a chance to go to the fall festival, do it!

About the Beer – Poured a dark chestnut colour.  The nose had some vegetable smell but not much else.  The flavour was of roasted malt with a distinct vegetation taste. Very watery.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, It was not very good but I will give it a another try.

Another beer from Rogue?

Brew – Red Fox Amber Ale ABV?, 341mlRed Fox Amber Ale


StyleAmber Ale

Country – Oregon, United States

Purchased – Given to me by my buddy Paul

There is not much info out there about this beer.  I do know it is discontinued.  I also believe this was one of a string of beers especially created by Rogue to be marketed for Japan and sold under the Ezo Beer label in 1994.

About the Beer – It poured a dark ruby colour.  Very much like a nut brown ale.  The head was really thick and left good lacing.  The aroma was a little hard to peg.  I picked up some citrus, caramel, and raisin.  The taste was of sweet caramel malt followed by some grassy, herbal, peppery notes.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, but I would not go out of my way to pick it up.  Not one of my favourites from Rogue!

I can’t believe I am already over 100 beers reviewed.  The time is going fast.  I have really enjoyed drinking and writing about this journey.  I must admit some days it can seem like a chore.  Especially when you get a bad beer, but for the most part it has opened my eyes to some new styles of beer as well as some new favorites.Pacifico

Interesting Facts:

I have tried 22 different styles of beer (more if you get really picky about them).  Here they are by amount: Pale Ale(25), Lager(18), Hefeweizen(9), IPA(8), Belgian Style Ale(8), Brown Ale(5), Specialty(4), Stout(4), Pilsner(3), Strong Ale(2), Tripel(2), Lambic(2), Kolsch(1), Doppelbock(1), Porter(1), Dubbel(1), Oktoberfest(1), Irish Red Ale(1), Eisbock(1), Kellerbier(1), Scottish Ale(1), and finally Cream Ae(1).

The beers have come from 11 countries: Canada, U.S., U.K., Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Russia, Netherlands and Australia.

Here is my Top 10 List:

  1. Creativity! – Beer #7310 Bitter Years Anniversary Ale
  2. Off-Centered – Beer #68
  3. Beer #1
  4. Beer # 19
  5. Beer #18
  6. Devil of a Beer! – Beer #36
  7. The End of the World – Beer #93
  8. Bitter, Bitter, or Bitter? – Beer #43
  9. Beer #15
  10. Eco Beer – Beer #65

If you have a Top 10, you need a Bottom 10!

  1. Too Sharp – Beer #69
  2. Stick to the Wine – Beer #90
  3. 3 Strikes! Your Out! – Beer #84
  4. Not What I Expected – Beer #97
  5. Gone but not Gone – Beer #62
  6. Counting Calories – Beer #55
  7. Beer #10
  8. Limey – Beer #56
  9. Sunshine Beer – Beer # 48
  10. State Run – Beer #76

Some conclusions:

  • I like Ale better than Lager
  • I like really hoppy beers the best
  • I like Belgian or Wheat beers almost as much
  • I drink local
  • Gathering data for a review post takes a long time!

Have you ever gone to Verdun, France?

Brew – Cheval Blanc 5% ABV, 341mlCheval Blanc

BrewerBrasseurs RJ


Country – Quebec, Canada

Purchased – Brought from Montreal by a co-worker

For some reason this beer reminds me of a travel story.  We were traveling from the lovely Alsace region of France to Champagne.  We were running late after stopping at a winery or two.  We decided to stop halfway and find a place to stay near Verdun. Our travel book only had one recommendation but it was full.  They recommended Le Croix Blanche (The White Cross).  Lets just say it was not the nicest place I’ve stayed …..think bedspreads reminiscent of shag carpeting circa 1970!  The reason this story comes to mind while drinking Cheval Blanc beer is that they had horse on the menu.  For years I remembered the place as Le Cheval Blanc…..until I was corrected by my father.

About the Beer – It pours a great golden fog with a nice head.  The head has little retention but leaves some nice lacing.  The aroma is of sweet banana, pineapple, some spice, and a little soapy.  The taste is of banana as well with some citrus.  The finish has a grassy, coriander flavour.  This beer is very light and a bit watery, but not unpleasantly so.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, it was very nice to drink on the patio, especially because it was so hot for May!

Do you like Hops?

Brew – Huma Lupa Licious 6.6% ABV, 341mlHuma Lupa Licious

BrewerShort’s Brewing Company

Style IPA

Country – Michigan, United States

Purchased – A gift from my friend Paul

What is with the name?  According to Short’s website this beer is named after the hop flower Humulus Lupulus.  They also state that with the amount of hops in this beer it is like a punch in the face.  I say not quite but close!  Thanks for sending me home with this beer Paul!!

About the Beer – It pours a cloudy apricot colour.  The aroma is of floral and grapefruit hops with a slight bit of caramel.  The flavour has lots of malt and hops complexity.  You get some sweet malt to start as well as a nice hit of citrus.  It moves into a more biscuity malt and then it is all hops from there.  Pine, floral, and grapefruit attack the senses.  The grapefruit lasts on the palate for a while!

Would I Drink it Again? – In a heartbeat.  This is an excellent beer!  If this was brewed locally my fridge would never be without a bottle this summer!

Is there anything better than getting to try a great beer when you least expected?

Brew – Weihenstephaner Vitus Weizenbock 7.7% ABV, 500mlWeihenstephaner Vitus

BrewerBrauerei Weihenstephan



Purchased – Compliments of my friend Paul

I had a pleasant surprise when we visited my buddy Paul.  He had a nice bottle of Vitus for us to try.  What a good friend, especially since he sent me home with 4 other bottles of beer he picked up in Michigan!!

What is a Weizenbock you ask?  Well it is a hybrid beer that is essentially a wheat beer that packs the strengh of a Bock beer.  Kind of like an Imperial Hefeweizen!

About the Beer – It pours a slightly foggy golden colour.  No real head which is surprising based on the style.  Maybe it needed a more vigorous pour??  The aroma was great.  Lot’s of banana and clove but there was also a sweetness there.  The taste was like a big Hefeweizen, banana, clove, pepper, but it also had some Bock to it with a gentle hit of honey that came out as the beer warmed up!

Would I Drink it Again? – Absolutely, if I can ever get my hands on one!

Blonde or Brune?  You be the judge!

Brew – d’Achouffe Brune 8.5% ABV, 341mld'Achouffe Brune

BrewerBrassuers RJ

StyleBelgian Strong Dark Ale

Country – Quebec, Canada

Purchased – Brought from Montreal by a co-worker

Another yummy beer from Quebec.  They sure know how to make Belgian Style ales!  This is the second d’Achouffe beer I have reviewed.  The first was the Blonde.  Check out the review here: Even the Gnomes Like It – Beer #98

About the Beer – It pours a foggy brown colour.  Lots of aromas.  There was a doughy smell as well as some toasted malts, spice, and citrus.  The taste was complex.  You really picked up the dough again in the flavour as well as some fruit.  Almost like fruit bread.   This was followed by a milder spice than expected as well as a good hit of orange peel.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes, another fine Belgian style ale from the Quebecers!

Would you want to be called a curmudgeon?

Brew – Curmudgeon IPA 6.5% ABV, 1 PintCurmudgeon IPA

BrewerGrand River Brewing


Country – Ontario, Canada

PurchasedChancey Smith’s

I had the pleasure of heading down to Chancey Smith’s with my Dad and buddy Paul for a couple pints of some nice brews.  If you have not been to Chancey Smiths you are in for a treat.  They have some great beers on tap.  I was lucky enough to snag a pint of 10 Bitter Years, but first I had a lovely pint of Curmudgeon IPA from Grand River Brewing.

About the Beer – It pours a nice copper colour with a good thick head.  The aroma was of malt and biscuits.  The taste was excellent.  Lot’s of malt but also lots of bitter.  The bitter lasts on the palate for quite some time.

Would I Drink it Again? – Absolutely,  A very solid IPA!

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