Will you learn something new today?

Brew – Erdinger Weissbier 5.3% ABV, 500mlErdinger Weissbier

BrewerErdinger Weisbrau




So I learned something new today.  I had always wondered what this symbol was “ß”(see the picture).  At first I thought it was a capital B, but that did not make sense since it is used in the middle of the word: Weißbier.  Turns out it is a ligature in the German alphabet which replaces a double “S”…..Now that makes more sense. Weißbier becomes Weissbier!

About the Beer – It pours a light apricot colour with a huge head which was gone before I even had time to get the camera out.  The smell was really light for a Hefeweizen.  Slight hints of sour, banana, clove and bread but not with the usual power I have come to expect from this style.  The flavour followed the aroma.  Very light banana and clove with a slight bitter and spicy end.

Would I Drink it Again? –  No, this is not what I like in  a wheat beer.  It is missing the big notes of banana and spice.