Is it me or do they all taste the same?

Brew – Modelo Especial 4.4% ABV, 355mlModelo Especial

BrewerGrupo Modelo

StylePale Lager


Purchased – Tienda

I am really enjoying the vacation but I am dying for a nice hoppy american style IPA right now.  All the beers are starting to taste the same to me.  Maybe they do just all taste the same??  One thing I have found that I really like about the Mexican beer industry is the packaging.  They come in all shapes and sizes!

About the Beer – It pours a yellow/golden colour with a white head that is gone fast.  The smell is slightly skunked due to the clear bottle.  The taste is very crisp with some sweet grain and corn flavour as well as some bitterness.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes,  It is a good crisp Mexican beer.  Very inoffensive in all aspects.