Should you count calories on vacation?

Brew – Modelo Light 4% ABV, 355mlModelo Light

BrewerGrupo Modelo

StyleLight Lager


Purchased – Tarzan’s Beach Club

So where did light beer come from?  In 1967 Dr. Joseph Owades, a biochemist, discovered an enzyme that prompted yeast to digest all the starch found in malt. The result was a beer without residual carbohydrates and fewer calories.  Light Beer was born.  Riengold Brewing was the first to introduce a light beer but it bombed.  It took off when the rights were sold to Miller who used the “Tastes Great, Less Filling” marketing campaign.

So why did I try a light beer you ask?  Well I was lazy today.  The beach club we were at sold it and it was the only beer they had that I have not already reviewed!  Are you getting sick of the same view in each picture yet?  I’m not!

About the Beer – No pour test today.  The smell was non-existent.  The taste was virtually the same as the smell.  Very watery with a hint of skunk and bitterness.

Would I Drink it Again? – Nope,  It was a hot day in Mexico and it could still not satisfy.  For the extra 0.6% ABV go for any other Mexican Lager.