Superiority of the Air and Beer?

BrewSpitfire Premium Kentish Ale 4.5% ABV, 500mlShepherd Neame Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale

BrewerShepherd Neame

CountryUnited Kingdom


The beer was originally brewed in 1990 to commemorate the Battle of Britain in WWII.  Taking a prominent role in that battle was the RAF Spitfire.  No other plane captured the awe and imagination more than the Spitfire.  What was so awe inspiring about the plane?  It was the interesting “T” shape and rounded wings, but more than that it was it’s speed!  Excellent for defending the English countryside from Luftwaffe bombers.

About the Beer – It pours a lovely dark honey colour.  The head was what you would expect from an English Bitter Ale.   Did not last to long.  The smell when first opened was skunky.  When will brewers learn not to use clear bottles!  The skunk smell dissapated after the bottle was open for a short while.  Other notes were of sweetness, citrus, and grains.  The taste was a nice mix.  Sweet toffee flavour to start with a more floral hops in the middle and ended with some dry citrus and herbal hops.  Quite nicely balanced.

Would I Drink it Again? – Yes this was an easy sipping beer.  A nice English bitter.