All the UK beers and brewers are rich in history, and this one is no different.

Brew – Broadside Strong Ale 6.3% ABV, 500mlAdnams Broadside Strong Ale

Brewer Adnams Brewery

CountryUnited Kingdom


Adnams named this beer to commemorate the battle of Southwold Bay (Sole Bay) fought in 1672.  The battle was between the English and the Dutch Republic.  As the story goes a French Frigate sailed into Sole Bay and reported there was a Dutch fleet 2 hours out to sea and heading to Sole bay.  This was unexpected news.  Sole Bay was a port town that provided lots of entertainment and ale houses to sailors, most of which were enjoing shore leave and did not expect battle.  There was a French and English fleet assembled in Sole Bay at the time.  Both headed out to meet the Dutch fleet but somehow the french fleet got lost and never made it to the battle….  Some 3800 sailers were lost during the battle.  Both sides claimed victory but seeing as England still holds the land, I will call them the victors.

About the Beer – It poured a dark copper colour.  The head was thick and foamy.  It lasted a long time and left lacing on the glass.  This beer had a sweet malty smell as well as earthy.  The taste started out with a sweet carmel malt and a bit of fruit flavour.  The finish was of a grassy and spicy hops.  It was very refreshing with a high carbonation.

Would I Drink it Again? – Definitely.  This beer was great.  Some really good flavour and highly drinkable.  Could be dangerous at 6.3% ABV!