Brew – Baltika #3Baltika #3 Classic 4.8%

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So part of the promise to myself when doing this blog was to try beers that I most likely would not normally try.  So here is the first one.

Baltika has been one of the most popular beers in Russia since the mid 90’s.  The original brewery is in St. Petersburgh but they have numerous now(12).  According to their website this is how it all started: Construction of the new factory began in 1978. The state enterprise Baltika Brewery was formed in 1990 right after completion of the construction work.The first shipment of just 27,000 litres of beer was brought to market in November, 1990. The Baltika brand did not yet exist. Instead the plant produced beer under the widespread trademarks of the time: Zhigulevskoye, Rizhskoye, Admiralteiskoye and Prazdnichnoye.

The U.S. website is quite something to behold!

About the Beer – It is pale golden colour.  This beer had a grain aroma.  My first taste was of malt and then grains with a slight bitter aftertaste.  It is a refreshing dry beer but the flavour does not last long on the palate.

Would I Drink it Again? – No,  It was very generic for me with no complexity.